International Moving Reasons for Choosing Kuroneko YamatoInternational Moving Reasons for Choosing Kuroneko Yamato

The advantages using Kuroneko Yamato International MovingThe advantages using Kuroneko Yamato International Moving

POINT 1Our No.1 priority is customer satisfaction

“We deliver with a personal touch” is one of our company precepts that represent the spirit that launched the Yamato Group, and that forms the premise for the service that we have considered important ever since. This means, through our transport services, we take possession of our customer’s (sender’s) personal sentiments and reliably deliver the important packages entrusted to us. We always give top priority to sentiments of our customers starting new lives overseas as we offer services provided from the customer’s perspective.

We deliver with a personal touchWe deliver with a personal touch

POINT 2Our history and track record set us apart

Our company began international moving services after the end of WWII. Those services started with our handling of the overseas moves for Allied Powers GHQ personnel returning home from Japan. Our kuroneko (black cat) symbol was designed based on a hint taken from the symbol of the moving company handling delivery operations in the United States at that time. For over half a century, the picture of a parent cat carrying the kitten by gently gripping the back of its neck has symbolized the careful handling of our customers' packages that is provided by our service. We have earned the support of many customers of various nationalities.


POINT 3Our quality service provides peace of mind

In order to safely and reliably send our customers’ important belongings to distant overseas locations, we are always striving to improve our packing and transport methods, and we assign the handling of our customers’ belongings to staff who receive specialized training. Using our company’s original international moving management system, we centrally manage our customers’ information. Customers can check the status of their belongings at any time, using a special website. We will continue to work to ensure our customers’ peace of mind.


POINT 4One-stop service for everything involved in moving

International moving is not just the transport of belongings; there are many things that need to be done. Our company is the one-stop source for support in dealing with the various moving related tasks. This includes our “Overseas Living Support Services” (covering visa acquisition procedures, transport of food to the assignment location, and more) as well as our “Overseas Assignment Seminars” (for company workers assigned overseas and company administrators) and our long-term household goods storage service.

When moving internatinally During your overseas assignment When returning home We will fully support you and your family in your new life overseasWhen moving internatinally During your overseas assignment When returning home We will fully support you and your family in your new life overseas

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