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What is unaccompanied baggage?

This is the personal belongings (of course including the belongings for moving house) of a person transferred overseas for work or going to study overseas that are not carried by the person him/herself but instead sent by a separate route.

What are the advantages of sending belongings as belongings for moving house?

If you send your belongings in this method, as a general rule, customs duty and added-value tax will be exempted in the importing country.
(* Customs duty and added-value tax will be imposed on items that are considered to be new products such as food products and cosmetics.)

What are the conditions for belongings to qualify as belongings for moving house?

(1) The belongings are necessary for living locally, and are not for the purpose of sale
(2) You have acquired or plan to acquire a qualification enabling long-term stay (a visa, etc.) (a tourist visa is not acceptable)
(3) You are planning to depart for overs breas soon, or the belongings have arrived within six months after you entered the local country

How are the charges for international moving decided?

There are two transportation methods for international moving, sea shipping and air shipping, and different factors determine the charges for each method.

(Sea shipping)
The charges are determined by the total volume of the belongings (cubic meters: m³), the region of the delivery destination, and the content of the services used.
(Air shipping)
The charges are determined by the weight of the belongings (kilograms: kg), the volume weight (please refer to calculate the volume and weight (How to calculate the volume and weight), the region of the delivery destination, and the content of the services used.
How many of my belongings will fit into 1 cubic meter?

1 cubic meter (1m³)… approximately 7 commercially-available clothes cases.

Can I move to an area in which a Yamato Group local subsidiary is not located?

There are overseas agencies contracted to our company in countries and regions in which Yamato Group does not have a local subsidiary (excluding some regions).

What should I do in the case that my address in the destination country is still unknown at the time when my belongings are to be shipped?

If you know the address and telephone number of your place of employment, etc. it is possible to ship your belongings even though the actual delivery address has not been determined yet. After your belongings have arrived at the local port, we will have a meeting with you to determine the delivery address and date and time.

What should I do about packing materials such as cardboard boxes?

Our company prepares the packing materials for all our services except “Overseas Study TA-Q-BIN (air shipping).”

What is Tanshin Plan? Can only single people use it?

Tanshin Plan is our service for customers who are only sending a small quantity of belongings. Anyone can use it, not just single people.

How long does it take to prepare for international moving?

Many more procedures and preparations are necessary for international moving compared to domestic moving; so please make your application as soon as possible once your moving has been decided.
Note that from February to April and from June to August are the peak seasons for moving and our schedule is very busy in those seasons; so we recommend making early reservation during those times.

What is a packing list?

A packing list is a list of the items of your belongings that are packed into a box. It is used for the customs declaration and for applications for insurance against damage.

Are there any preparations I should make when I request the shipping?

Yes, there are. For details, please confirm here. (Please refer to Documents : export customs clearance application in Japan.)