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A Step-by-Step Guide to Ryugaku TAQBIN

Once you have decided to move overseas there are many things that need to be done. Preparing for the move is one of these things. As sending items overseas takes time, it is important to start preparations well in advance. To ensure a timely delivery, please be sure to plan ahead and give yourself enough time to prepare.


    1. Web application

    This plan is only available through our website. We will deliver documents and packing materials to you after receiving your application. You can submit your pick-up request via our website once your payment has been completed.

    When choosing the pick-up date, please take into account the time required for overseas transport. Please also consider the fact that your goods can only be presented to customs after you arrive in the destination country. It is usual to schedule the pick-up date so that your goods arrive in the destination country at around the same time that you plan to arrive.

    Please be sure to check the restrictions on what you can bring into the country as they differ according to each country.

    Shipments for international moving [Information about customs clearance when moving]

  2. Please pack your items and
    prepare the packing list and other necessary documents.

    With the Ryugaku TAQBIN plan, packing boxes are not included. However, we do offer specially reinforced boxes for sale should you require them.

    [Our Ryugaku TAQBIN Boxes]

    Size 120 46×33×33cm ¥350 per box (tax included)
    Size 140/160 (2 Way Type) 47×47×46cm or 47×47×66cm ¥570 per box (tax included)

    The shipping fee is ¥1,300 (tax included) to anywhere in Japan (up to 2 boxes per shipment). The total fee (cardboard box fee + shipping fee) must be paid in cash at the time of delivery.

    Please bear in mind that it will take 2 or 3 days for your boxes to arrive. (Yamato Transport TAQBIN Centers do not stock these boxes.)

    [Preparing and taping the Ryugaku TAQBIN Size 140/160 (2 Way Type) box]


    Start by folding the bottom flap with writing on it, and tape the center seam and then both sides. Turn the box over and pack your belongings. To use the box as a size 160, fold the flaps over from the 160 line marked on the side and tape securely, including along all 4 sides. To use the box as a size 140, fold the flaps over from the 140 line marked on the side and tape securely, including along all 4 sides. Finally, tape the lid securely shut.

    Please refer to the information below when packing your belongings.

    [Wrapping glasses and tableware]


    Place on a towel or newspaper and wrap away from you. Next wrap the base and then insert the wrapping inside to protect the rim.


    Be sure to place dishes vertically, glasses upside down, and bottles right-side up. Wrap each individual item in a towel or some other form of wrapping, and ensure that they do not knock against each other by placing soft material in any gaps between them.


    Make sure that any protruding parts such as handles are protected. For items with lids (teapots, etc.), turn the lid upside down and place newspaper between the lid and pot to prevent breakage.

    [Important precautions]


    Breakages can occur when boxes are packed incorrectly. For example, if the box is packed so full that it bulges, or a rattling sound can be heard when shaken, it will need to be repacked. Either reposition the contents of the box or remove some of the contents so that the box does not bulge or rattle.


    Please number each box on its top and all four sides. Write “FRAGILE” on the top of the box in red marker if it contains breakable items.

    Prepare a detailed packing list for each box. You may fill out the packing list in English.Please place all of the documents necessary for customs (check sheet, photocopy of your passport, packing list, invoice, etc.) together in an envelope, and place it on top of your belongings in the cardboard box. If you are shipping more than one box, please put the documents in the box numbered “1”.

    [Sample Packing List]


    2. Pickup

    Our professional staff will handle your belongings with care.


    3. Customs Clearance

    Our staff will handle the Customs clearance process on your behalf both in Japan and overseas.

    Shipments for international moving [Information about customs clearance when moving]


    4. Transport Overseas

    Your belongings will be shipped by air at a time based on your schedule for departure from Japan.


    5. Delivery

    The staff of a local package delivery company will deliver your belongings. If you are not at home, they will leave a notice of attempted delivery.

  7. Unpacking and disposal of boxes and packing materials are not included in this service.